Gava, Spain
Located between Barcelona and Sitges, the seaside town of Gava and the tourist district of Gava Mar, which is an integral part of it, are considered to be an elite…

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Sitges, Spain

Sitges is a miniature Catalan town located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to the Garraf mountain park, covered with forests, a special comfortable microclimate is formed in the area. The air rings with cleanliness, unhurried life flows in the narrow streets of the resort, well-appointed beaches invite you to relax on a hot day, carnivals dedicated to numerous holidays will not let you get bored. Welcome to Sitges, a city where they know how to enjoy life.


The distance between cities is a little over 40 km. It can be overcome on various modes of transport.

Every day from 07:00 to 23:20 Monbus buses leave from the Ronda Universidad stop in Sitges. Ticket price – 4 €. The duration of the trip is approximately 30-40 minutes. Find out the schedule of routes here.

A train
Trains from Barcelona to Sitges depart from 3 stations:

Estació de França

Located on Avenida Marqués de l’Argentera Avenue, near Ciutadella Park.

Passeig de gràcia

Railway and metro stations intersect here. The transport hub is located at the crossroads of Carrer Arago and Paseo De Gracia.


This is Barcelona Central Station. It stands in Països Catalans Square.

Ticket price is about 5 €. Travel time is approximately 40 minutes. Train schedule see here.

A taxi ride will cost about 70 €. It takes only 30 minutes to get there.

A ferry departs from Barcelona Port 4 times a day. The voyage will take about 40 minutes and cost about 14 €. You can buy tickets and see the schedule here.

Sitges has 17 sandy beaches for every taste. Many of them at various times were awarded the Blue Flag Award for the cleanliness, environmental friendliness and quality of the services provided. In the urban area there are 11 comfortable relaxation areas, in the east, outside the resort, there are 4 comfortable beaches, 2 more are in the west. The latter are considered wild and have no infrastructure.

Here are the most popular places for tourists:


Fragata is easily accessible from the center of Sitges. Active youth and sports enthusiasts love to be here. Volleyball and football courts, rental of kayaks, catamarans, equipment for kitesurfing and windsurfing are at their disposal.

Bassa Rodona was chosen by nudists and couples with non-traditional sexual orientation.

Anquines – an artificial beach, reclaimed from nature more than 100 years ago, is located at the Terramar Hotel. Due to the peculiarities of the landscape, there are practically no storms and winds on it, so it is especially suitable for families with young children. On a long strip of sand there is enough space for everyone.

Riera Xica and Estanyol

The Riera Xica and Estanyol are always noisy and crowded due to their proximity to the Vinyet residential area. Over the weekend, Estanyol is occupied by a local bohemia, led by musicians, singers and artists who stage performances.

Barra and Terramar
Artificial islands protect Barra and Terramar from winds and erosion. The length of each beach is about 350 m.

San sebastián

San Sebastián is located next to the port, right behind the church. A picturesque view of the old city opens from the shore. The most popular bars and restaurants of the resort have settled here.

Ribera is the central beach of the resort, where it is difficult to make out sand due to the large number of sunbeds and vacationers.

Balmins is surrounded by three small bays, where it is customary to sunbathe naked.


Aiguadolç is Sitges’ most remote and not crowded beach. There are never crowds of tourists.

Almost throughout the coastline has a comfortable descent into the water without unpleasant surprises: sharp stones or a sharp drop in depths. The swimming season begins in late May and ends in September. Water gradually warms up from 22-24 ° C to 25-27 ° C in July and August, which account for the highest temperature values ​​of the sea and air (up to 30 ° C).


Sitges offers a decent cultural program along with a beach holiday.

Marisel Palace
This architectural gem once belonged to the American millionaire, who suddenly decided to leave Spain and return to his homeland. After himself, he left a magnificent palace with rich decoration, as well as a collection of paintings and sculptures by outstanding masters of the 19th century.

Winter from 9:30 to 19:00, in the summer from 10:00 to 21:00. Entrance – 3,50 €.

Kau Ferrat Museum
This is one of the resort’s most visited museums. It is located in an old villa in which the famous Catalan artist Santiago Rusignol lived in the late XIX – early XX centuries. After the death of the master, the house turned into a museum. Here is a rich collection of paintings by the master, valuable glass and ceramics, sculptures, furniture.

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