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Bali Island Travel Tips

So that a trip to this exotic country does not leave a bitter aftertaste, it is worth following the recommendations given on the pages of this article …

Bali Island Travel Tips

Upon arrival at the airport

• After leaving the plane, be ready to provide the services of voluntary (but not disinterested) assistants who will take care of your luggage. Remember that among them there may also be elementary thieves. But this is rather a rarity. Such “five minutes” servants will usually accompany you to the most expensive taxi.

• Do not use the services of “left” taxi drivers at the airport.

• There are two ways to leave the airport. Find the Blue Bird taxi (the most reliable in Bali) and check if the taximeter works in it or take the car at the counter with the sign “Taxi” 10 meters from the exit of the airport building. There the prices are fixed and good service.

Choose a beach

One of the beaches of Bali

One immutable rule works here: “The farther from the airport, the calmer the beaches.”

The resorts of Kuta and Legian are basically a haven for young tourists with all the consequences arising from such a neighborhood.

To the north and south of Kuta, mainly couples with children and middle-aged people rest.

The calmest beaches here are Sanur, Seminyak and dear Nusa Dua.

As for the choice of a beach for surfing, in fact, any beach can become a surf platform, since there are waves everywhere, but in places where surfing pros ride, it’s better not to swim. Take the risk of making bruises and be left without a swimsuit.

About love for lesser brothers

There are a lot of monkeys in Bali

Not the fact that you are burning with love for representatives of the local fauna in the form of monkeys, spiders and snakes.

Most of them are harmless, but you should always be prepared to meet with them both mentally and physically. It is better to get rid of the annoying monkeys by sacrificing one or two bananas to them, and the snakes should not be disturbed.

About the intricacies of communication

When you enter with anyone from the local, whatever the financial relationship, and when asked about when you arrived in this wonderful country, you say that you arrived a week ago, and you are going to leave this paradise on Earth through a week.

You will not be accepted as a beginner who can be torn off as sticky. And they will not accept it as a departing one, for which they have bonuses and discounts in store, which will immediately begin to be imposed.

Do not apply to study a couple of phrases on a financial topic and operate on them. Good phrases: “No money” and “Little money.” With their help, it is easy to get rid of annoying merchants, or to bring down prices to a minimum.

Make friends with taxi drivers and do not skimp on the tip. Friendship with local taxi drivers is fraught with maintaining a good amount of money in your wallet and arranging individual tours.

About money

Indonesian currency (rupees) should be acquired in banks, or by withdrawing money from a card at an ATM. Do not use street exchangers. There is no profitable course. When exchanging, ask for small bills. Not every merchant has a change with a big bill. Of the Russian banks there are representative offices of Citibank.

Be prepared for cashing and exchange commissions.

About relations with staff

Good service can be rewarded with a tip. Sometimes in the invoice there is already such a column, and it will be filled. With an additional tip, you can, in the future, earn the opportunity to provide better and faster service to a grateful waiter.

Luggage carriers need 2-3 thousand rupees for services.

About clothes

Colorful Bali

Short clothes are not always appropriate in Bali. This is especially true of visiting local villages with orthodox populations, and especially local temples. Try to cover your knees, and save upright outfits for dinner for two.

About food

Do not drink tap water! Bali is no exception to this general rule for all Asian countries. For added safety, wash and brush your teeth only with bottled water.

The freshest seafood is served near the villages of local fishermen, one of them is the village of Jimbaran.

But if the quality of local food does not suit you, you can buy at a local supermarket and cook your own meals. If you are allowed this is the hotel.

How to entertain yourself

Surfing in Bali

Of course, surfing comes first. Surf schools are open on all beaches, and Russian-speaking instructors make the process of learning to ride the waves easier.

You can scuba dive.

And on the beach of Sanur there is an attraction Sea Walker, which represents a walk along the seabed in a spacesuit with no restrictions on age and health.

It offers water parks, visits to the volcano Batur, yoga schools, shopping, jewelry lessons, bike rides, zoos and walks in a safari park, swimming with dolphins and forays to night markets.

Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol is expensive here, even more expensive than in Moscow.

For drugs (with almost legalized local hallucinogenic mushrooms), locals go to the other world, and not locals for life.

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