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The most unique hotels in the world

The coldest hotel – Ice Hotel (Jukkasjärvi, Sweden)

Ice hotel

Ice Hotel – a real hotel, built of ice and located near the Arctic Circle. In fairly cool rooms, where the air temperature does not exceed -5 C, hotel guests are invited to spend the night. All rooms and lounges of the hotel are completely made of snow and ice.

The hotel has a chapel where weddings and baptisms are held. The hotel is cleaned with natural animal skins, but despite this, Ice Hotel guests are advised to sleep in warm clothes and sleeping bags.

The hotel has a restaurant where cocktails can be drunk directly from ice glasses.

The main activities offered to guests of the Ice Hotel are reindeer sledding, sledding, skiing and other winter activities.

Ice Hotel is open only five months a year, with the onset of heat, it simply melts. That is why the design of Ice Hotel is different every year.

So that guests of the Ice Hotel do not freeze at all, the hotel has a sauna where you can steam up. But still, living in such a hotel for more than two or three days is not recommended.

By the way, two-room rooms are expensive – from $ 200 per day, and warm clothes and sleeping bags are already included in the price.

The Greenest Hotel – Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa (Queensland, Australia)

Hotel Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa is located in the oldest forest on the planet, the Daintree Rainforest. Here, in the middle of tropical vegetation, there are 15 villas that fully meet the environmental standards of the World Tourism Organization, the International Ecotourism Association and the World Conservation Union.

All the electricity used in the hotel comes from sunlight. The basic principles of the hotel are low energy consumption and own production of products.

It is to fulfill the last point at the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa that an organic farm is opened to produce its own products.

Such high environmental friendliness of the hotel was awarded several awards – in 2007, the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa was recognized as the world’s leading eco-lodge.

The Deepest Hotel – Hilton (Maldives)

Hotel Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel

The Hilton hotel chain has created the deepest resort located in the coastal zone in the Maldives. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel is eight meters deep. To create such an unusual hotel, curved acrylic was used.

Here, at a depth of eight meters, guests can enjoy excellent dishes, spa-procedures and relaxation under water.

Not so long ago, an underwater hotel in the Maldives introduced the honeymoon service, Ithaa Undersea Ceremony. The newlyweds spend their first wedding night right under the water and here, at a depth, they are married.

It is worth saying that the surrounding nature of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel is beautiful: the hotel is located among the coral reefs, which are inhabited by hundreds of beautiful tropical fish.

The Craziest Hotel – Hang Nga (Dalat, Vietnam)

Hotel Hang Nga

Hang Nga Hotel was designed by the daughter of the ex-president of Vietnam. The structure of this another unusual hotel does not fully comply with all building codes. The building of the Hang Nga Hotel has both a rectangular and, in some places, a circular shape. Somewhere in the building there is an unusual shape of the window. In general, this structure resembles an unusual old tree without a crown.

Inside, the hotel is no less unusual: wriggling rooms either sharply turn or suddenly end. The decoration of the rooms is in the same crazy style – an unusual shape of the mirror, like raindrops, corridors with windows in the walls and winding stairs, in some rooms of Hang Nga there are formations like stalactites and stalagmites.

The Hang Nga Hotel has several buildings, made in the form of a huge giraffe and spider.

In the hotel you can see a huge web hanging from the ceiling.

In general, such a hotel is hardly suitable for a relaxing holiday, but for excursions it is quite suitable.

The Hang Nga Hotel is located in the city of Dalat, in the mountains, among the rainforest, and its unusual forms fit perfectly into the surrounding space. Despite the distance from the main resorts, Hang Nga is very popular among tourists.

Highest Hotel – Jin Mao Tower (Shanghai, China)

Jin mao tower

Shanghai is one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. You can look at its beauty from a bird’s eye view at the same time, without even leaving your room, because the rooms of the hotel located in the Jin Mao Tower complex are located at an altitude of more than 300 meters. The total number of floors in the complex is 88.

The Jin Mao building, or, as it is often called, the “Jin Mao 88”, is considered the tallest in Shanghai. In the world, it takes sixth place in height. The complex was opened on August 28, 1998.

The building consists of a sturdy octagonal frame made of concrete, eight composite columns and eight huge outer columns made of steel.

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