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The five most dangerous animal species on our planet

Of the dangers of an animal living far away from our home, we often judge by books read in childhood and memorable cartoons.

The five most dangerous animal species on our planet
Say, in India, evil cobras are found, with which the brave mongoose Rikki-Tikki-Tavi fought.

And in the ocean there are giant octopuses, like the one that attacked Captain Nemo’s submarine (by the way, octopuses, or octopuses, are completely safe for humans).

Such information, of course, is not enough to even have a general idea of ​​the dangerous fauna of the world, so we publish here information about the five most dangerous species of animals on the planet.


Buying from the locals somewhere in Madagascar bright beautiful frogs for your aquarium or terrarium, you can inadvertently get a real “serial killer”.

Some species of frogs living in tropical latitudes produce very strong poison in the spinal glands. For example, one adult South African “golden frog” can accumulate enough poison to kill 10 people.

Poison frogs


Among the sharks, there are several species dangerous to humans, but only the great white shark was awarded the dubious honor of being called a “cannibal shark”. This species lives in almost all the warm waters of the oceans, found in the Japanese and Mediterranean seas. Sometimes it reaches a length of 7-8 meters, there is information about 12-meter sharks.

The Great White Shark is considered to be the strongest, most ferocious and bloodthirsty in the entire shark family. Huge jaws (even the famous horror film of the same name was shot about them) with three thousand teeth give the victim no chance of salvation. In 2004, cases of an attack of a great white shark on swimming people were first recorded on the Far Eastern coast of Russia.

Great White Shark


The one from Kipling’s tale. There are many types of snakes that have more poison than the Asian cobra, but it is the most dangerous. As a rule, the cobra is not the first to attack a person, this is possible if the snake is disturbed. True, it is not difficult to disturb the cobra – it lives on the earth, among lush tropical vegetation, and it can be very difficult to discern it due to its “protective” color. In addition, the cobra does not crawl away when a person approaches, and if it protects its oviposition, it becomes especially aggressive.

Of the 50,000 people who die worldwide every year from the bites of poisonous snakes, the majority are victims of the Asian cobra, a beautiful snake with a “hood”.

Poisonous Snakes – Asian Cobra

4. Crocodiles

The only predators on Earth for whom man is not an accidental victim, but an object of hunting are crocodiles. Various species of these large reptiles live in tropical reservoirs on almost all continents.

In length, an adult crocodile can reach seven meters and weigh about a ton. And at the same time it behaves so that it is almost impossible to notice it in the water. Using this, a crocodile can wait for hours for prey, then a lightning-fast throw follows, and the victim – an antelope, a monkey, a man – is dragged to the depths where a leisurely meal begins. Sometimes large crocodiles pursue their victims on land.

It is estimated that over the past two decades, crocodiles ate at least 20 people.



Small tropical insects, the obvious consequences of which bites for humans are just itching and redness of the skin, are the most dangerous killers on Earth. Their victims on the planet annually become more than two million people. Mosquitoes are carriers of pathogens of malaria and some other dangerous diseases. Most of all, mosquito-borne infections affect people in tropical Africa.

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