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Where to go to the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates today is a combination of traditions and the latest achievements, luxurious beaches on the background of bold multi-story architecture and desert landscapes …

It offers tourists the most luxurious hotels, the tallest skyscraper in the world, a variety of water parks and theme parks, desert safaris, good diving, as well as the famous Arabic chic and shine. In general, everything “the most” in the world is located here!

Here we will briefly talk about the seven main areas of vacation in the Emirates, and you yourself will choose: where do you go to the UAE?

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and one of the greenest cities in this desert country. Due to the abundance of greenery, the average temperature in the city is about 1.5 degrees lower than in its desert surroundings. In Abu Dhabi, you can see unique combinations of history and modernity – numerous mosques with bizarre minarets are adjacent to hypermarkets, museums with entertainment complexes, oriental bazaars with universities.

Most hotels in Abu Dhabi – level 4 *. Five- and three-star hotels are about the same number, but there are few “two” apartments, and they are usually located in the business part of the city. A hotel of level 5 * has both city and beach.

Abu Dhabi beaches

The offer of excursions and entertainment in Abu Dhabi is huge – it is the Sheikh’s palace, the old Al Husn fort, the Al Ain oasis city, the Ferrari World theme park, the exotic Al Ain zoo and aquarium, the carpet and camel bazaars are just a small a fraction of what you can visit and see here.


In Dubai, as they say, all the same. The highest, the largest, the most expensive. Stunning architecture of luxury hotels. In coastal waters, ambitious projects have been implemented – the man-made islands of Palma and Mir. However, there is a picturesque old quarter, and a historical and ethnographic village. Tourists celebrate an interesting and profitable Dubai shopping at local bazaars and in huge shopping centers. Sand is brought to the beaches of Dubai from Egypt.

Perhaps the main drawback of Dubai is the high prices in hotels located on the 1st line from the beach, they are simply “too tough” for ordinary Russian tourists with average incomes. There are few hotels on All Inclusive, and the cost of this all-inclusive leaves much to be desired.

Atlantis Hotel in Dubai

In addition, you should carefully choose hotels for your vacation, as the city is actively being built up, a noisy construction site can be located next to your hotel, which is not uncommon now. Read reviews on sites, usually tourists are willing to share such unpleasant “surprises”.


The resort city of Sharjah is located on the coast of two bays of the Indian Ocean – the Persian and Omani, and due to the abundance of museums, galleries and theaters is considered the cultural capital of the UAE.

In addition, it is located not far from Dubai, this allows tourists to enjoy a quiet family vacation, and if possible visit the sights of a more famous and large neighbor, or go to Dubai shopping malls. Sharjah is positioned as an ideal resort for tourists with children.

Beaches in Sharjah

Prices for accommodation in local hotels are much lower than in neighboring Dubai, in addition, unlike the latter, there are 4 * hotels located right by the beach. On the whole, there are much fewer hotels here (mainly work on the basis of half board or breakfast) than the well-developed “neighbor”, and the construction of new hotels is not so active. Some hotels are located directly on the beaches of the Persian Gulf, three on the banks of the Khaled Bay, and the rest are urban.

On the territory of this emirate is a dry law, that is, there is no alcohol and cafe-hookah. Also, explicit clothes are not allowed here.


The sandy landscapes typical of the UAE in Fujairah are complemented by the Hajar mountain range and picturesque green oases. In the emirate of Fujairah, they do not produce oil, they do not build skyscrapers here, and life flows measuredly and calmly. This is the only resort in the UAE with direct access to the Indian Ocean. Known as the best diving and snorkeling spot in the country.

Ras Al Khaimah

The emirate of Ras Al Khaimah is still not very popular with foreign tourists, although it is believed that there is a milder climate than in other parts of the UAE, the cleanest, least populated beaches, and there are sources of mineral water. In the historical center of the city there is a dilapidated fort, unique ancient watchtowers, a rich national museum, a colorful local market. Fans of more active relaxation will enjoy the IceLand amusement park, and those wishing to improve their health – a complex of Ayurvedic spa treatments using thermal waters.

Where to go in the UAE: Ras Al Khaimah

By the way, now Ras Al Khaimah is being actively promoted to the Russian tourism market, which is why many hotels work for All Inclusive, which is generally not typical for the UAE, and prices here are not as bite as those of more popular neighbors.

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