The main beaches of northern Goa
For many residents of the metropolis, the Indian state of Goa has become synonymous with freedom from domestic routine and office slavery. On the Indian coast, both ordinary citizens, and…

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The main beaches of northern Goa
For many residents of the metropolis, the Indian state of Goa has become synonymous with freedom from domestic routine and office slavery. On the Indian coast, both ordinary citizens, and…

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Shark attacks: in which countries do they attack more often
After the bloody events in the fall of 2010 in Egypt and in the summer of 2011 on the Russian Far Eastern beaches, where ordinary vacationers became victims of sharks,…

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Five famous abandoned resorts in the world

Popularity is a fickle thing. Tourist centers and famous resorts, like people, live and die. Here we will talk about five once popular, and today – forgotten tourism centers in different countries:

Hotel Grossinger, USA – the victim of changeable fashion

In 1919, one of the most popular ski resorts in the United States was founded near New York. Grossinger immediately became a haven of wealthy businessmen, stars of show business and sports. The famous American boxer Rocky Marciano loved to relax here. Based on the memoirs of the distinguished guests of the hotel, it is believed that the script of the legendary film “Dirty Dancing” was written. 150 thousand wealthy guests a year rested here. In the snowless winter of 1950, the huge territory of the resort, which housed 35 different buildings and even the airport, was covered with artificial snow.

Grossinger Hotel, United States

But fashion is changeable, fashion has passed for expensive resorts in the old style. The young generation of Americans began to attract exotic beaches in the tropics and ski resorts in Europe. In 1986, Hotel Grossinger was closed. Fans of extreme tourism and just looters hunting for household items of the 60s sometimes come here.

Varosha, Northern Cyprus – politics is to blame

In the mid-twentieth century, the north-east coast of the island of Cyprus was one of the most fashionable resorts in Europe. Here Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Richard Burton and other celebrities of that time rested.

But in 1974, a military conflict broke out between the Greeks and Turks inhabiting the island. The resort came under the control of Turkish armed forces, the Greeks expelled from Varosha. The city and the entire resort area was surrounded by barbed wire and surrounded by roadblocks.

In such an abandoned state, Varosha remains to this day. Rare daredevils who managed to get into the city tell that canned goods, wine and clothes of the 70s are still stored in the shops there.

Villa Epecuen, Argentina – nature decided so

The famous spa resort of Villa Epecuén, located on the salt lakes near Buenos Aires, was unlucky. The resort became popular due to its unique nature, and suffered from its vagaries. 5,000 guests a year, world-class hotels coming to world stars for treatment – all this made it possible to compare Villa Epecuen with the resorts of the Dead Sea. And everything collapsed when it started to rain. Literally; almost continuous rains overflowed the lake for ten years, and salt water poured into the resort.

Villa Epecuen, Argentina

After 2008, when the atrocities of the elements ceased, streets and buildings began to appear from the water, covered with an iris of salt crystals. This fantastic picture again attracts tourists, but, of course, not in the same number.

Kupari, Croatia – not survived the war

Kupari, a resort town on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, became the gateway to the collapse of Yugoslavia. A huge hotel complex was built on its territory, the highest ranks of the Yugoslav army rested here, including the head of state – Marshal Josip Broz Tito.

Kupari, Croatia

In 1991, during armed clashes between Serbs and Croats, the city was repeatedly bombarded and looted by marauders. Kupari has not yet been restored.

San Antonio del Tekendama. Photo 1

Until 1926, the villa of the country’s president, El Hotel del Salto, was located at the picturesque Tekendama waterfall in Colombia. Then it was converted into a fashionable hotel, with four above ground floors and two underground. From rich tourists there was no end, but in the 70s of the last century, the waterfall began to become polluted and dry up, and with it the flow of tourists. The luxurious hotel was abandoned and since then has given shelter only to the homeless and looters.

San Antonio del Tekendama, Colombia

But the story of El Hotel del Salto, oddly enough, did not end there. The former place of elite relaxation began to attract … suicides. To a large extent, this was facilitated by the legend according to which, during the conquest of Colombia by the Spanish conquistadors, there was a mass suicide of local Indians.

San Antonio del Tekendama, Colombia – Destroyed by Humans

And nowadays, ruined businessmen, suffering from unrequited love of romance and other categories of people with unbalanced psyche, began to come here for the same purpose. The hotel began to be called the residence of ghosts. The Colombian government intends to restore El Hotel del Salto in its former capacity.

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